• IntraMaps Suite

    Chartis Technology are proud to work with over 50 NSW Councils who have embraced IntraMaps as their Enterprise GIS platform.

    The technology improvements, greater functionality and tighter integration with Council systems are all valid reasons our customers are making the switch.

    IntraMaps Suite
  • Chartis Technology and FME

    Chartis Technology are proud to work with Safe Software to deliver leading edge ETL solutions.

    Staff at Chartis Technology have been involved in distributing and supporting FME for over 15 years.

    We specialise in FME Server and implementing automated solutions for our customer base.

    Chartis Technology and FME
  • Upgrading Spatial Technology

    1. IntraMaps is built on the latest web enabled technology.

    2. Easy integration with other Council systems.

    3. Proven to be cost effective compared to other Local Government solutions, whilst maintaining better functionality.

    If you are interested in the work we have been doing with various NSW and QLD Councils please contact us for further information?

    Upgrading Spatial Technology
  • Local Government GIS Services

    Chartis Technology has over 20 years of professional experience delivering supported GIS software and services into Local Government.

    We can assist in specialised and tailored applications, integration of your GIS into third party systems, through to map production and support.

    Local Government GIS Services
Chartis Technology is 100% Australian owned and operated. We pride ourselves on our customer service, project delivery and the overall standard of our work. We look forward to crafting a solution for your next spatial project.


Chartis Technology specialise in developing and implementing complex spatial technology. We bring meaningful / simple outcomes to clients by utilising our experience in technology with traditionally high barriers to entry. Our solutions are always designed with the customer in mind.


The IntraMaps suite of products are commercial-off-the-shelf solutions that offer powerful web based GIS data viewing, querying and analysis. IntraMaps has all of your enterprise spatial data deployment needs covered with internal and public facing solutions, customised web applications and mobility all managed via a fully configurable web based architecture.


Data is power and its accessibility is critical to decision-making. The ever-expanding number of formats and standards get in the way of using data. Break down these barriers with FME’s unmatched format support and unrivaled transformation tools to quickly and easily move data wherever you want.


Chartis Technology provide comprehensive training courses, using accredited trainers for the complete range of  our software products.


“Matt is outstanding in his profession. His professional knowledge has put infrastructure asset management into the next level by linking with Geographical Information Systems in a cost effective way. He is a great person to work with and has industry best practice knowledge to support Council’s GIS systems. Wishing you happiness and success for your future endeavors. Thank you Matt !”–Nabin Shrestha, Wentworth Shire Council, WINNER OF HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD, LG Professionals NSW

“Matt has simply been one of the most professional, reliable and competent contractors that Council has been associated with. He has an outstanding knowledge of geospatial concepts, applications, design and programming skills which have I certainly utilised on many projects. Integration of dB’s and systems as well as standard and advanced mapping tasks are example of the work he has performed for Council.”–Mathew Thomson, Cootamundra Shire Council

“Benjamin is a professional who is easily able to relate to clients in various industries. He adheres strictly to project deadlines and is ever the advocate of quality deliverables to his clients.”–.