DMS – IntraMaps


The IntraMaps suite of products are commercial-off-the-shelf solutions that offer powerful web based GIS data viewing, querying and analysis. IntraMaps has all of your enterprise spatial data deployment needs covered with internal and public facing solutions, customised web applications and mobility all managed via a fully configurable web based architecture.

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Safe Software – FME


Data is power and its accessibility is critical to decision-making. The ever-expanding number of formats and standards get in the way of using data. Break down these barriers with FME’s unmatched format support and unrivaled transformation tools to quickly and easily move data wherever you want. FME supports data in over 300 formats across spatial and non-spatial data types including GIS, CAD, raster, database, 3D, XML, point cloud, and more so you can easily transform data for use in the application you desire.

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Quantum GIS (QGIS)


GIS (QGIS) is the world’s leading open source, community driven Geographic Information System (GIS) that is supported on Linux, Windows and MacOS. This software offers an attractive and fully functional alternative to otherwise expensive vendor based licensed products. QGIS has no associated licensing costs as it is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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