IntraMaps Showcase

Here’s a taste of what to expect from IntraMaps…

Chartis Technology acknowledge the respective customers, DMS and DMS NZ showcased in these ‘real life’ applications of the IntraMaps suite – all made possible using the power of IntraMaps.

Intramaps Public

  • Australian Examples:  On the right hand side under the ‘I want to…’ heading you can select search online map

  • New Zealand Examples:

  • Property and Rates Search Example (search for ‘135 Manchester Street’):


MapBuilderExamples (app for your Website)

  • Quick app deployment without any coding! – Select the Bin Days link on the home page – Scroll down to “Discover your Maroondah” search at bottom of page and enter an address

MapControl Examples (map plugin for your Website)

  • “What’s Near Me” Map:’s-near-me (search for ‘232 High Street’)

  • Property Summary:

  • Rubbish and Recycling:

  • Address Searching (search for ‘2 Market Place’):

  • Address Searching with Property Summary, then a direct link to IntraMaps (search for ‘100 Napier Road’):