Noxious Weed Management

Chartis Technology Weed Management Solution

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has been working closely with Weed Management Stakeholders – such as Local Government and County Councils to finalise the capability to upload local weed information to the NSW Biosecurity Information System (BIS). This data, coupled with information provided by other land managers is critical to support decision making about enforcement activities and prioritising future investment.

Chartis Technology will be offering the following software and architected solution in response to the functional requirements outlined by DPI:

  • Internal Weed Management mapping portal, reporting toolset capable of mail merge and notifications
  • Connected mobile field capture and analysis capability
  • Disconnected mobile field capture and analysis capability
  • Connection and integration with current corporate systems

Our Weed Management product suite is based on technology that is a mature and proven spatial solution that has been designed specifically to address the needs of Australian Local Government and County Council organisations. Our solution will support storage of both vector and raster format data in flat file formats, TAB, SHP, PostGIS or SQL Server.

Download our Weeds Management Brochure here.