SQL Spatial Training

SQL Spatial Training Course Outline

This practical course is designed to further GIS or Database Administrators with additional skills for managing spatial data in a relational database environment. With the growing need to manage large deposits of data, this course is designed to further analysis skills in respect to querying and extracting spatial data from a relational database.

Attendees will learn techniques that will allow them to enhance their knowledge of managing SQL Server Spatial Databases, object geometries, SQL Spatial commands and spatial queries.

We recommend that attendees have an understanding of SQL, databases and GIS functionality prior to attending this course.

The following is an outline for the SQL Spatial Training Course:

  • Overview of the SQL server
  • Spatial data types and tables
  • Geometry Vs geography
  • Uploading, maintaining, deleting and restoring spatial data
  • Spatial indexing
  • Views (thematic, complex joins)
  • Stored procedures
  • SQL spatial commands
  • Well known text
  • Well known binary
  • SRID
  • Intersections
  • Buffers
  • Extracting coordinates
  • Union and aggregate unions
  • Minimum bounding rectangle
  • Distance
  • Nearest calculations

Course Schedule:

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