Identify Data Quality Issues – And Fix Them!

A key element to the decision-making process is the use of good data. Feel confident in the quality of your data and avoid bad decisions by using FME to run validation tests to identify if and where data problems exist. Subsequently use FME’s transformation capabilities to quickly fix any issues that you uncover. For even greater efficiencies, use validation capabilities as part of FME Form’s automated data collection tasks and ensure your organisation’s database always contains data of the highest possible quality. Configure FME Form to automatically run quality assurance workflows to determine if contributed data meets specifications.
  • Access over 300 spatial and non-spatial data types including GIS, CAD, raster, database, XML, 3D and more
  • Filter out bad data that may adversely affect the success of your organization
  • Ensure central databases with many contributors always contain data that is accurate and complete
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