The IntraMaps suite of products are commercial-off-the-shelf solutions that offer powerful web based GIS data viewing, querying and analysis. IntraMaps has all of your enterprise spatial data deployment needs covered with internal and public facing solution. Customised web applications and mobility all managed via a fully configurable web based architecture. Each product in the IntraMaps suite can be easily linked with your existing corporate and spatial data to provide intuitive access by any network connected users.

The IntraMaps product suite includes:

  • IntraMaps Enterprise
  • IntraMaps Public
  • IntraMaps Roam
  • IntraMaps Mobile
  • IntraMaps MapControl
  • IntraMaps 3D
  • IntraMaps ConfigManager

IntraMaps is a mature and proven solution with over 150 Enterprise deployments across Australia and New Zealand. Highly regarded for its ease of implementation, configuration capabilities and ongoing maintenance, IntraMaps offers a robust and proven solution that you can rely on.

We encourage you to view our IntraMaps Showcase of examples to see the products in action.


How it Works

IntraMaps is a web based solution built on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It incorporates a client server architecture with all application software running on the server. The client component runs on a standard web browser and requires no additional plug-ins.

IntraMaps incorporates a flexible data model that supports the integration of multiple corporate data sources using standard SQL queries. IntraMaps also supports a rich API allowing two way integration with other corporate applications.


IntraMaps and Local Government

IntraMaps is used extensively by more than 150 Local Government organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The IntraMaps User Interface, configuration tools and data model are ideally suited to the spatial data management needs of Local Government, with many aspects if the IntraMaps solution designed specifically to meet the needs of our Local Government users. This includes full application level integration with a wide variety of commonly used Local Government Enterprise application software such as property and rating systems, document management systems and asset management applications. Best of all, there are no annual CPI increases on license costs like many other software.



  • Developed in Australia with strong local support and training. Click here for Chartis Technology training courses.
  • Easy to use, intuitive User Interface
  • Web based application – no software client installs
  • Access Data in the field
  • GIS platform independent – reads SHP, TAB, SQL Server 2008 +, WMS, WFS
  • Third Party Server hosting options
  • Proven robust and scalable solution
  • Comprehensive administration tools
  • Easy to install and configure
  • API’s for 3rd party integration
  • 3D Integration
  • Full integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Fully configurable via the easy to use ConfigManager application
  • Security model fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Current Usage and statistic usage logging
  • Layer grouping
  • Thematic maps, multiple theme per module with dynamic interactive legend
  • API to integrate with 3rd party applications
  • Search both spatial and spatial data, with ability to retrieve information coming from multiple databases
  • Export to a Microsoft Word/Excel file for reporting purposes
  • User friendly search forms with auto-completing drop down and calendar controls
  • Vector printing to scale in MS Word
  • Remote configuration capabilities
  • Modular architecture – each module can have its own spatial data, searches and information queries
  • Security – access to modules can be managed via Active Directory security privileges
  • Interactive annotation and drawing tools
  • Spatial data entry and editing capabilities
  • Mailmerge and data extraction capabilities
  • Full test environment
  • Interactive layer control
  • Online help & customisable FAQs
  • Spatial Constraints queries

IntraMaps is a completely scalable solution. We have the ability to design small, medium and large scale Enterprise GIS Solutions, fit for purpose. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the how we can design a solution for your organisation.

A typical IntraMaps solution would look like the following: