QGIS is a versatile, easy to use desktop Geographic Information System (GIS) which you can download and start using today. It offers an exciting platform which organisations can use as an alternative to expensive vendor-based products. QGIS has no associated licensing costs as it is licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

QGIS includes all the features that spatial professionals and general users would expect such as importing data from multiple sources, digitising, editing, on the fly reprojection, data analysis, geoprocessing, database connectivity and raster processing. The highly capable print layout functionality is intuitive and easy for new users to create professional looking maps.

Chartis Technology are a proud small sustaining member of the QGIS Organisation and are committed to offering support and training packages for the QGIS software.

The QGIS user community includes many users across Australia and around the world. Local / State / Federal Government, Environmental, Mining are just some of the sectors utilising QGIS. The Australian QGIS User Group is just one of the initiatives of the QGIS User Community in Australia.

More information about QGIS can be found at the website QGIS or contact Chartis Technology to discuss your GIS Desktop needs further. The latest version of QGIS can be downloaded from the QGIS website.


  • Open Source Technology
  • No licence costs
  • Raster and Vector Support for various formats – TAB, SHP, WFS, WMS, SQL Server 2008, PostGIS, SpatialLite, OGR/GDAL
  • OGC support (WFS, WMS)
  • Digitising tools
  • Easy to Cartographic Output and Map Production Tools
  • Extensive plugins / addon tools
  • Rapidly growing user community

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