Chartis Pro is designed for our customers delivering medium scale projects. Chartis Pro can be used to deliver spatial projects whilst continuing to support them into the future. Chartis Pro allows our customers to implement projects leveraging the skills of our technical team. It enables transfer of skills to our clients.

Our Chartis Pro Package contains:

  • 10 days of onsite or offsite consulting / project management / technical implementations / strategy and review / business analysis 
  • 10 hours of support
  • Access to one on one telephone support
  • Access to our specific Chartis Pro email support
  • One free voucher for our QGIS training
  • Complete review and feedback opportunity with a Director
  • Preferred customer status for releases and beta programs
  • Package discounts on future consulting or services work
  • This consulting package lasts 12 months from the date of purchase

 Chartis Pro can typically be used for:

  • GIS Outsourcing / Hosted Solutions 
  • Installation and configuration of Enterprise GIS (e.g. IntraMaps product suite)
  • Training
  • Data Validation and Correction
  • Cadastre Alignment 
  • Data Delivery Portals 
  • Raster Data Processing and Imagery Analysis
  • Town and Statutory Planning GISData Collection and Sourcing
  • Mapping Solutions to Solve Business specific problems such as Asset Management, Tree Inspections, Weed Mapping
  • FME Implementation (Workbench Scripts or FME Server)

Cost $18,000 ex GST

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