Our GDA2020 Aid Package contains:

  • 5 days of onsite or offsite consulting / project management / technical implementations
  • 5 hours of support
  • Access to one on one telephone support
  • Access to out specific Chartis Aid email support
  • 2 for 1 voucher for our QGIS training
  • Package discounts on future consulting or services work
  • This consulting package lasts 12 months from the date of purchase

GDA2020 Aid can typically be used for:

  • Supply education and documentation on GDA2020 best practice specifically written for the Australian Government sector
  • System and software audit designed to align systems with GDA2020 prerequisites
  • Data audit – Good opportunity to only transform/migrate data that is being used
  • Work with our customer to cleanup obsolete data, work-spaces by auditing work-spaces and data
  • Database migration/transformation from the GDA94 database to the new GDA2020 database
  • Updating cache directory flat files from GDA94 to GDA2020 – public sites, mapbuilder sites that don’t utilize a database or nightly process
  • Support ongoing changes to the GDA2020 projection and implement data structures to accommodate the next phase of the plan
  • Updating IntraMaps MapFiles to GDA2020QGIS project files to GDA2020
  • Reprojecting image caches to GDA2020FME/OGR workflows that transform data back to GDA94 for legacy workflows

Cost $9,500 ex GST

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