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24 May 2024


The most important action for your organisation is to be 100% certain of the datum of any spatial data you use. This means knowing the underlying datum, and, where appropriate, delivering and storing spatial information with relevant metadata to ensure this knowledge is retained. It is ‘industry best practice’ for metadata to include information about the underlying datum of spatial data.

Making the Change to GDA2020

The transformation of data from GDA94 to GDA2020 is best done in parallel so that the process can be tested multiple times without affecting the source data. This also allows the flexibility to “archive” the old GDA94 data at the end of the process, so the data custodian has a point in time reference to the GDA94 repository.
The focus with the transformation is to be in a position where a spatial database has:
  • Data in a consistent datum.
  • Data having a schema which can accommodate date captured, accuracy, and transformation attribution to assist with the second phase of the transition.
Example tasks Chartis can assist with;
  • Supply education and documentation on GDA2020 best practice specifically written for the Australian Government sector.
  • System and software audit designed to align systems with GDA2020 prerequisites.
  • Data audit – identify, report and transform data to GDA2020 that is critical to the organisation. Migrate the corporate database to GDA2020 and ensure all GIS Project files (e.g. IntraMaps Map Files, QGIS Projects) are referencing the new datum. Archive obsolete data and assist with the introduction of GDA2020.
  • Database migration/transformation from the GDA94 database to the new GDA2020 database.
  • Support ongoing changes to the GDA2020 projection and implement data structures to accommodate the next phase of the plan.
  • Updating IntraMaps MapFiles to GDA2020.
  • QGIS project files to GDA2020.
  • Audit and update FME or nightly script-based workflows that transform data.
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